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Sales Team:

 Mark Viggivao - Finance Manager Brenton Laughlin - Finance Manager
 Jerry Navarrette - Sales Consultant Cameron Baker - Sales Consultant
 Joseph Hill - Sales Consultant Ethan O'Connor - Sales Consultant
 Daniel White - Sales Consultant Gilbert Smith - Sales Consultant
 Alex Reints - Sales Consultant Victor Martinez - Sales Consultant
 James Knight - Sales Consultant Ken Fromberg - Sales Consultant
 Ulises Ramos - Internet SalesJenna Dunkin - Business Development Center
 Heather Duran - Business Development Center 

Service Team:

 Israel Shorkey - Dispatcher JR Morales - Service Advisor
 Michael Sera - Senior Master Technician Ernie Magtoto - Lube Technician
 Mark Marx - Master Technician Guillerno Gonzalez - Detailer
 Dan McCay - Master Technician Ramsin Lazar - Service Technician
 Samantha Sowder - Warranty Administrator Rich Gold - Service Technician
 Ali Navarro - Service Advisor Rodolfo Arambula - Lube Technician
 David Nageugast - Apprentice Technician Scott Kitchen - Service Technician
 Hector Guiterrez - Porter Mike Harvey - Shipping & Receiving
 Keir Sole - Service Advisor Brice Muschamp - Service Advisor
 Cheryl - Internal Service Advisor Carlos Navarette - Lube Technician
 Andrew Fiscus - Lube Technician Enrique Martinez - Lube Technician
 Garrett Robinson - Lube Technician Christian Sanchez - Used Car Technician
 Lupe Luna - Used Car Technician Ireneo Magtoto - Used Car Technician
 Rich Gold - Master Technician Mark Marx - Master Technician
 Chad - Service Technician Dan McCay - Master Technician
 Mason - Service Technician Mike Sera - Senior Master Technician
 Ramsin - Service Technician Danny - Master Technician
 Eric Montenegro - Master Technician Rudy Arubula - Trainee Technician

Parts Team:

 Beto Ceja - Parts Specialist
 Mike Spulring - Ford Parts Specialist
 John Fox - Ford Parts Specialst Fred Meza - Parts Specialist
 Cristian Magallanes - Parts Delivery Driver 

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